Terms & Conditions



Once pupils are enrolled in the Harmsworth School of Dance they will automatically be reserved a place and do not need to re-enrol each ter


* All fees must be paid in full within 3 weeks of term commencing. Fees unpaid after 3 weeks will incur a 10% surcharge.


* Fees are paid by the term and unfortunately no reduction can be made for absences, whether due to illness/holidays/exams or weather conditions.


* Half a terms written notice before the beginning of the new term is required before the withdrawal of a pupil from a dance class, without which half a terms notice will be charged to the Parent/Guardian.


* By accepting enrolment in the school, Parents/Guardians acknowledge and accept that ballet instruction often involves physical placement by the teacher.


* Pupils are required to wear the regulation uniform (from reception class upwards).


Items left in the changing areas are left at your own risk. The school accepts no responsibility for the security of valuables.


* Please collect pupils on time. Teachers will endeavour to make sure pupils are collected by Parents/Guardians. Parents/Guardians should be aware that the schools insurance policy only covers pupils during their class times.


* Parents/Guardians are invited to watch the last class of term. Exceptions may be made throughout the term by prior arrangement only.


The School uses several venues. There are times when pupils need to move up to a higher level in their dancing, especially after ballet exams etc. At these times it is sometimes necessary to move pupils to a different dance venue, day and/or time of class. Wherever possible the School tries not to move the pupils around too much – but you will be notified as soon as possible if any changes need to take place.